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The Furniture

All of these items can be purchased as seen here or customized to suit what you need. You choose your desired wood species. Just fill out the contact form to get started on your quote. Prices & delivery time will vary with custom orders. Prices are for items as shown & are in Canadian dollars, not including tax & freight. 


Scandinavian-style, cherry hardwood dining chairs...$550 each / $2,999 for 6

6 cherry wood dining chairs
2 cherry wood dining chairs
Lounge chair in leather, cherry & ash...$1,499
cherry wood & leather lounge chair
cherry wood & leather lounge chair
tree rings.jpg


8' Dining table in cherry...$4,499

8' Cherry top with cast iron legs...$3,499

6' Dining table in cherry...$3,999

6' Cherry top with cast iron legs...$2,999

live-edge walnut slab coffee table
8' cherry wood dining table

Live-edge walnut slab coffee table with maple base...$1,499

or with cast iron legs....$1,199

Bedside & end tables in cherry & maple...$399 each / $749 for set, can be done in all one wood species

2 cherry & maple wood nightstands or end tables
cherry wood dining set with 6 chairs & 8'  long table

Dining set

8' Cherry dining set with 6 chairs...$7,499

& with iron table legs...$6,499

6' Cherry dining set with 6


& with iron table legs...$5,999

Long Sideboard 

Beautiful sideboard in ash & cherry wood, with 2 sliding doors, 1 drawer, 2 shelves & a back rail...$1,299

sideboard in cherry & ash wood
long sideboard cabinet with shelves in cherry & ash wood
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